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Biophysik, Röntgenphysik, Intermediärfilamente, Mikrofluidik, Mechanik der Blutkörperchen


Biophysik, Röntgenphysik, Intermediärfilamente, Mikrofluidik, Mechanik der Blutkörperchen

Areas of research

Intermediate filament assembly and network formation:
We study in vitro systems of intermediate filaments and aim to understand the hierarchical assembly dynamics from smaller subunits to filaments and subsequent network formation. The proteins are expressed recombinantly in our lab enabling us to perform targeted mutagenesis and study the influence of such mutations on the assembly of the filaments. As the assembly processes occur on the nanometer scale, we employ small angle X-ray scattering, light scattering and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

Intermediate filament mechanics:
Our goal is to understand how the molecular interactions between the protein monomers give rise to the specific stress-strain response of the filaments. Thus, we assemble single filaments and use optical trapping as well as atomic force microscopy to apply pN to nN forces while controlling the system by microfluidics and confocal imaging.

Mechanics of blood cells:
We aim to understand the dynamic processes o blood platelets and characterize the forces, which the cells impose on their environment. We employ traction force microscopy and fluorescence imaging in this project.

We develop microfluidics methods for a variety of different applications. Microfluidics allows us to study biological systems in physiological conditions and concomitantly under the influence of flow fields, gradients (e.g. of pH or specific reagents) or confinement. We develop methods to combine these specifically designed flow chambers with different imaging methods. One important focus is the fabrication of microfluidic chips for X-ray measurements. Furthermore, we design microfluidic geometries for applications in biology and biochemistry.


biophysics, x-ray physics, microfluidics, intermediate filaments, mechanics of blood cells


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